Sep 10th, 2012

The gorgeous and forever-impeccable Megan is my StyleWatch pick for September, check her out!

May 28th, 2012
So, in the manner of procrastination, I’ve just Googled the old username that I had for everything and this photo came up in the image search.
This was a night out for the lovely Meg’s birthday (lvcat), the night before the ‘proper’ fancy dress evening, where we went to Oceana and it was d e a d. We were sat in a little booth in some weird disco room and a guy sent us over a bottle of Champagne or something similar, and I found the whole thing so awkward so we moved booths after saying thankyou.
That was also the night where I asked the DJ if he had any Slipknot - unsurprising no there - and it was just as I’d started talking to Brad and we called him up in the taxi home and I’m pretty sure the taxi driver got in on the whole conversation which was mind-bogglingly confusing.
It seems like a lifetime ago but I adore the memories ♥
Jul 20th, 2011
Re-blog for Meg (lvcat) because this reminds me of one of the funniest nights of my life and I love and miss you loads ♥