Jul 22nd, 2012
Brad’s new one by Rich Hadley.
Jul 18th, 2012

Tomorrow we’re going to the Trafford Centre with Brad’s mum and gran. I’m going to have to resist spending all of my tattoo money on things from MAC and Topshop - it will prove to be a challenge!
I haven’t been to the Trafford Centre since 2002, when Mum took me to a Busted signing in the HMV there. I remember feeling so sick with nerves and excitement that I couldn’t even bring myself to eat until after I’d met them, which was kind of impressive for a teatime signing. There wasn’t that many people there because it was when the band were just starting out, but everyone was so friendly and chatty and we were all sat around listening to the album on Walkmans, having singalongs and generally being what I’d class as a nuisance because I’m old and intolerant nowadays.

More often than not I hate being an adult. I am so not into the responsibility and I detest how I’ve wasted my potential to the point I want to punch myself in the face until I bleed. It’s what I deserve.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy one thing from the Trafford Centre and it’s going to be a notebook where I can make many plans, mostly involving little life moments to make my noggin happier.

Jun 20th, 2012
By Gre Hale.

This is by the man who’s doing a piece for me in July. I imagine this photo sums up precisely why I’m looking forward to it.